Nursing involves specialized skills and application of knowledge based on an education that has both theoretical and clinical practice components. Nursing focuses on human responses to actual or potential health problems and increasingly focused on wellness, an area of caring that encompasses nursing’s unique knowledge and abilities. Keeping in view the growing demand of quality health care professionals, to start a relevant educational programme was acute.

The  School of nursing  began in the year 1997. The B.Sc nursing program was started in 2011 .This was done in an effort to uplift the status and standard of nursing profession as recommended by the Indian Nursing Council.


The faculty of St.Joseph’s College Of nursing is based on Christian Philosophy serve with love. We, inspired by the Spirit of Jesus, believe that our service to the human must be based on Christian values of love and compassion ,and all people should be treated with respect and dignity.

We uphold and instill respect for life from womb to tomb.

To build up nurses who will be professionally competent, ethically sound individual who will have the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to deliver holistic health care in all settings and to participate in educating professional nurse.

On completion of the B.Sc Nursing program, the graduate will be able to:-

Function as an excellent professional nurse, democratic leader, and care provider in the field of hospital setting or community setting.

Apply knowledge from physical, biological and 

This will be achieved by a combination of experience and expertise in the field of Nursing Education. The goals of SJCN College of Nursing will be set in terms of Education, Research, infrastructure health services and marketing strategies.